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Available soon on the Apple app store for free!!

for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Complimentary strategic planning tools by FBRH on the Apple app store (also to be available for Android based devises)

We have created an app with specific tools to assist in the strategic planning process. We have chosen these tools (SWOT analysis, TOWS matrix) because of their simplicity with view to giving users of every level of marketing knowledge the means to identify the way forward and implement appropriate strategies and take actions in what is increasingly a very competitive marketplace.

Most importantly, with this procedure a company can be proactive and prepare for the future with strategies and actions to take advantage or deal with changes rather that reacting passively to these.

How to use the SWOT analysis and TOWS matrix tools

Define Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis) simply by adding new entries and entering their respective category (i.e. strength). Brainstorming by a team (Osborn 1957) is important to maximize the quality and quantity of the results. To facilitate your SWOT analysis a list of areas a analysis team can consider is presented.

The SWOT data input by you automatically appears in the TOWS matrix. Each individual strength, opportunity, weakness and threat is then linked in accordance to the TOWS matrix and appear on your devise alongside eachother.

For example the most favorable situation is when a company can use its strengths to take advantage of opportunities (maxi-maxi). Each strength is presented alongside each opportunity you have input. An empty field is available for each linkage so you can type in an appropriate strategy.

All the data you have created can be e-mailed to yours and others emails.

This is by no means the end of this simplified strategic planning process.
The different strategies identified must be assessed according to their attractiveness and the company's probability of success
in this area. The most appropriate for the company strategies can then be selected and implemented.

Furthermore it's important that this process is comprehensive, systematic and conducted on a regular basis.

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