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FBRH Consultans provide clients with a variety of digital publications options

and advise clients depending on the kind of publication (paid; free;), the audience it is address to and the features needed. These range from ebooks to specialised apps customised according to client needs.

Flip book digital publications - Many practical advantages

FBRH Consultants Ltd are currently recommending flip book digital publications to customers who publish Annual Reports, Environmental Reports and other publications which are provided to the different audiences for free.

Currently these offer many practical advantages over other types of digital publications. Some of the most important are:

Please follow this link for a description of the benefits of this kind of digital publication.


The digital publication market is going through some very exciting times and is changing rapidly with many new interactive ways of presenting publications. Our promise to our clients is that we will always be on the forefront and provide the best possible solutions to match their requirements.

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